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Monday, December 26, 2005

On making promises

The people who know me well would say that, although quirky at times, I am a rational person. I do not subscribe to a belief in “magic”. I walk under ladders all the time. I have broken a number of mirrors, not to tempt the fates, but because I can be clumsy. I would never pay money to have my fortune told. Astrology can be fun to make fun of, but I do not believe it has the ability to foretell my future. I am a firm believer in the ascendancy of reason over superstition.

I believe that the only real “power” in the words that we speak is in how well we speak them and in what are intentions are at the time. Yet, there are some words that I hesitate to utter aloud. I have always felt that these words had a power beyond the rational. These words are almost magical. Uttering these words has a deep and binding effect on the person who speaks them. So, it is extremely rare for me to actually say the words,

“I promise …”.

Weird, huh?

I hesitate to use them, because in doing so, I get the sense that I am obligating myself without conditions to do whatever is necessary to fulfill the promise. I know that fulfilling the promise will transcend convenience, comfort, or self-interest. Regardless of what the future may hold, I know in my heart that a promise, once made, is a debt to a higher cause that cannot be cancelled and must be repaid whatever the cost. I never, ever, ever speak the words (I promise ...) casually. When I do say them it is always the product of careful thought and with a real sense of confidence that I can live up to the terms of the promise.

It is my only real superstition.


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