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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

On the top ten reasons why I called this blog - On...

10) It was less pretentious than, “Stories In The Key Of Me”.

9) Don’t remember, I was a) drunk or b) just getting old or c) what was a) again?

8) Spelling wasn’t a problem.

7) All the good names had already been taken by spammers.

6) It was my mother’s maiden name.

5) My site would be advertised on every light switch in America.

4) Only the O and N keys worked on my laptop after an unfortunate pressure washing incident.

3) It was the antonym for a well-known mosquito repellent.

2) Started to name it “Onanism”, but was distracted at the last moment.

1) It was first word that oozed out of my brain ran down to my fingers jumped through the keyboard onto my computer screen then properly encoded traveled to my server where it leaped onto the Information Superhighway and impaled itself on this blog site.


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