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Monday, June 06, 2005

On an evil fantasy

We have an emergency announcement system in our town. There is a siren and then a computer generated voice comes on and says something like “this is a test of the emergency announcement system”. The speakers must be gigantic, because it is very loud and seems to come from everywhere at once. I have this fantasy about accessing the computer files that store the announcements.

(Loud Siren)
I see what you’re doing there. Have you no shame? Yeah, you there... in the car. Stop that right now!”

I bet you could hear the screeching car tires in the next state.


Blogger Adinah said...

we got EBS last year...we also got our 911 addresses last year, there were still unnamed roads or roads named after the families that lived on them. They let the state prisoners who work on the road crews (other wise known as chain gangs) rename the roads....NO, I am not kidding,.........I'll just bet you have they have access to the EBS button too....which is actually not funny on this particular evening as I could hear a big storm approaching and knew we were goners.... and the TV -EBS and the storm sirens went off simulataneouly........I headed for the closet, dogs in tow......and I thank God I didn't hear your voice in their saying...."Hey, whatcha doing in their in the dark?" You are too funny.

6/6/05 12:56 AM  

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