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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

On looking over my daily read blog list

I have been reading blogs for a while and only recently started writing this one. I went through the blog links that I keep in my "daily" read folder today. I also keep an "occasional" read folder and a "desperately bored" read folder. I wanted to see if there were any patterns or subconscious trends to my choices. This was an embarrassingly self-absorbed activity, but I was bored while waiting for the air conditioner service guy to show up at the house. I hate waiting for service people. I am almost relieved when something goes out of warranty so I can just fix it myself. I digress.

I did notice a few patterns to the blogs that I read regularly...

Women write the overwhelming majority.
Most of them use a simple format without a lot of html bells and whistles.
They usually deal with aspects of everyday life, past and present (as opposed to something like politics, sports, or business).
Most are easy to read (
I don't have to puzzle out arcane acronyms or creative spelling.)
Many of the writers like to "play" with their words (
They usually aren't that serious with their subject matter either.)


About a quarter are in a language which I cannot read (I like to look at the pictures and try to figure out the captions. No, none are pornographic. Although that would make figuring out the captions a lot easier.)
Their locations vary widely by country and region.

Inferred from subject matter and profiles...

The writers vary even more widely by age, profession, background, marital status, religion, sexual orientation, politics, and/or beliefs.


From what I can tell, none of them are written by someone who would be my demographic match.

What does this tell me? Is there a secret blog world for my type that I haven't found yet? Is the blogiverse so embarassed by our rantings that we are hidden away in our own virtual ghetto? Has my type simply become extinct? Am I the last of the dinosaurs? I had no clue. No one bothered to tell me. I never got the memo!


Blogger Adinah said...

It's Brian Andreas from Story People. I have his link on my blog. He also has little stories to go with the artwork, you can mix and sure and catch "flying naked with Jesus"'s the best!!

6/6/05 10:57 PM  
Blogger Glory said...

I'd be interested in seeing your daily read blog list. Increasingly, random "next blog" clicking yields absolutely nothing of interest. There ought to be someone policing these things. I'LL do it! Or at the very least, blogs could be "tracked," much like students in my high school. Good ones go here; dreck goes here.

15/6/05 3:27 AM  

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