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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

On putting pictures on this blog

Blogger just made it rather easy to put pictures on here. I won’t put pictures here. Too much trouble to take and post them. I haven’t even taken the time to figure out how to post blog links here. But just this once, I thought I would try to put a few pictures here to illustrate two earlier posts.

This is the cat who hates clean dishes.
I talked about her in "On the cat and the dishwasher."

This is my pickle lamp from "On taking a ceramics class".

This is my clock that hangs in the bathroom.

This is my saucer I made for used tea bags.


Blogger Adinah said...

I still haven't figured the picture thing out....but seriously...find another hobby. ceramics are not you! pretty cat......oh good grief, the clock picture just popped up....what the heck is that? Did your wife let you hang that thing? You must have separate bathrooms.

28/6/05 10:12 PM  

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