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Thursday, December 29, 2005

On end of year lethargy

For me, there is always a sort of limbo lethargy period from December 26th to December 31st. I wouldn’t call it a letdown so much as retrenchment. It is the beginning of a period of time when I am struggling to put the routines back into my routine. Just like the rest of the year, there are always bills that need paying, rooms that need cleaning, and cars that need washing. Yet, daily life seems to be a bit out-of-focus during this time of year. It takes a lot more effort to get even life’s littlest chores accomplished.

I suspect that it is related to the bicycle-riding phenomenon. Did you ever ride a bike for a long period of time? When you finally get off, it seems like you are not only moving way too slowly, but also that your ability to walk takes more of a conscious effort than usual. It feels like walking through molasses. Actually, I have no idea how it feels to walk through molasses. I have never walked through molasses. I don’t believe that I have ever met anyone who has ever walked through molasses. I can’t recall ever reading about anyone who actually walked through molasses. It would require a lot of molasses and be very messy. Why do we say that?

See, case in point, writing this blog requires a sustained mental effort to even stay on topic.

After cruising along at high speeds on a bike with minimal muscle effort, the mind rebels at the amount of work required to move relative short distance at the relatively slow walking speeds.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, limbo lethargy time.

From Halloween on, we gear up our lives in order to accomplish all the extra holiday chores and preparations that the season requires of us. Finally, just after Christmas, we start to slow the pace back down again. True, New Years is a major holiday and many people do have celebrations that require extensive preparations, but it is really the very tail end of the holiday dog for many people. We are rapidly returning to our “normal” routines. The routines, however, seem to take a lot more effort right now. Time and we seem to be moving rather slowly. No, I refuse to get stuck in that stupid molasses analogy again.

It usually takes me until about the middle of January to fully acclimatize to the pace of everyday life without the flurry and fury of holiday preparations and anticipations. This is my cool down period. I am winding down. I am lethargic. I feel as though I am in a slow moving limbo world. No molasses involved here, just life.


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