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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

On winter

Well, winter has finally arrived in all its frigid glory.

I realize that technically we are still in the fall, but Autumn is my least favorite season so I like to hurry it along as much as possible. I suppose that I shouldn't be too anxious for the Winter Solstice, since winter is actually my second least favorite season.

The cold, snow, ice, and early darkness make this a very unpleasant time of year around here. I have seriously considered moving to some part of the country where the winters are little more than a momentary dip on the thermometer, but I am not sure if, in the long run, that would really be any better. Emotionally, I need the foulness of winter, so that I can look forward to enjoying the pleasant spring and balmy summer. It is like the saying about banging your head on the wall. It feels so good when you stop. Winter is banging my head on the wall. I need to look forward to it stopping.


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