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Monday, June 12, 2006

On walking in the rain

It rained today. I really do like walking in the rain. I can ignore all the suburban scenery surrounding me and focus on the amazing feeling of water droplets as they strike me after falling thousands of feet from the sky. If those droplets could think, would they be startled that after leaving their cloud and leaping into the air to fall with great speed towards the earth that they would end up landing on the tip of my nose? Would they feel honored or indignant? Do they take bets on who can be the first to hit me right in the eye? Are the losers the ones who end up soaking my underwear?

Being pelted by a spring rain is definitely cathartic for me. Even though I usually end up being physically chilled and miserable by the end of my walk, my mood is usually improved. Since it only takes some dry clothes and a cup of tea to fix the physical discomforts, I am more than willing to pay the price for a few moments of wonder. I am happy to let the rain wash the stink off my day. I am pleased that all the detritus of daily living gets a good sluicing.

I could do without the wet underwear.


Blogger alto artist said...

That's beautiful. Your rain is a lot nicer that what sometimes passes for nature here in NYC.

14/6/06 5:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never thought about rain like that but have always loved walking in the rain isn't that weird.

30/12/06 3:41 PM  

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