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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

On the end of summer

The kids are back in school. The days are now only moderately scorching and I am coming to the end of another summer. I do miss the days when summers seemed to last forever. Now, it is more like the images lost to us when we blink our eyes.

Supposedly, our brain fills in the blank spot whenever we blink so that we aren’t viewing the world with black flickers in front of us all of the time. That must be what is happening to my summers now. They go by so fast that my brain just fills in the blank spot with a bit of my last Spring image mixed with a current Fall view. It has become a strangely morphed season for me.

I wish Winter worked that way. I could close my eyes in the Fall and open them in the Spring. My brain would just make up an image to replace the cold, snow, and general depression of Winter. The process could be put into pill form and sold for “Seasonal Replacement Therapy”. Of course, then it would just make a fortune for the drug companies, be too expensive for me, have a bizarre, non-descriptive name on commercials that I don’t understand, and probably have some disgusting side effect like “anal leakage”.

Maybe, I'll just blink more often.


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