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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On a boring day

I was home all day today. I didn’t leave the house once. In truth, it was a remarkably boring day. I had wanted to go outside and work in the yard, but it was raining all day.

Since it was so boring, I got all the way through my “I am hopelessly bored” list.

Today, I . . .

1. Read through my favorite blogs while I drank my coffee

2. Cleaned the dust and cat hair from the coils on the bottom of the refrigerator

3. Changed the oil in the lawn mower

4. Wandered aimlessly through the Blogiverse and left many obnoxious comments

5. Recharged all the rechargeable batteries

6. Moved digital pictures from the camera memory cards to the hard drive on the computer

7. Polished my wife’s winter boots

8. Wandered aimlessly, once again, through the Blogiverse and left many more obnoxious comments

9. Washed and dried a load of bath towels

10. Threw out a bunch of old magazines and catalogs

11. Put all the old newspapers into the recycling bin

12. Played the drum solo from “In A Gadda Da Vida” so loudly on the stereo that things fell off the mantel and the speakers started smelling funny

13. Perversely, wandered aimlessly, even again, through the Blogiverse and wrote this obnoxious post


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