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Friday, October 28, 2005

On business letters from (Zip Code: 96708)

To tech support

I cannot believe
That my hard drive is crashing
I hate this machine

To the credit card company

I got the notice
The check is in the mail now
Do you believe me?

To the vet

The damn cat threw up
It was a big stinky mess
And right in my shoe

To the post office

I am out of stamps
Why do I have to buy some
When you are busy?

To the high school

He was sick today
It is probably our flu
That he brought from there

To Microsoft

It takes me three tries
For my system to boot up
What is wrong with you?

To the airlines

I have to travel
So I searched my carryon
To avoid strip search

To my ISP

There is no server
Do you have an outage now?
Or just too busy?

To Blogger

Hey, why are new posts
Found at the top of the blog?
How can I change this?

To my Congressman

Are you guys insane?
I can watch you on C-Span
Wrestling is less dumb

(I must give credit (blame?) to JA and her recent application for a poetic license for inspiring this post. I must also credit (blame?) the Google Search Engine for it's surprising, sometimes Delphian answers to my queries.)


Blogger Glory said...

You were inspired by MOI???? This is marvelous synchronicity, since I just submitted 10 haiku to another website for their weekly writing challenge.

By the way, I got my poetic license the other day, but I don't like the picture.

28/10/05 7:38 PM  
Blogger HCaldwell said...

Did they cut off your header or were your "I" 's crossed?

28/10/05 8:08 PM  
Blogger the benwahs said...

Well, in response to your comments, I would take the junk from your garage sale any day.

Um...did that just border on sounding dirty? My apologies...truly.

29/10/05 1:22 PM  

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