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Thursday, November 10, 2005

On the holes in my socks

My socks always seem to have holes in them. After being worn only a few times, my toe or heel starts peeking through the fabric. I am at a loss as to why that is so. After all, it is my shoes that bear the brunt of the contact with the ground. The socks just ride around enclosed in a cushy protective shell. Where do the holes come from? Why are they in different places on different socks worn on the same foot? Why do I never get holes in both socks of the same pair? Do sock manufacturers put a hidden flaw in only one out of each pair of socks? Have I discovered a subtle and insidious form of planned obsolescence? Who knows about it? Who have they told? Which reporters have they talked to? Does the VP know?

I smell a cover-up. Smells like feet.


Blogger Vest said...

Hi HC. This is my first comment on your blog,this was prompted by your visit to the DAILY GAGGLE today. Presumably you are male, and you may have a problem with the Sweaty-Smelly trotter syndrome, the acidity creates an earlier UBD than the time factored period recommended by the manufacturer for people with normal sweet smelling tootsies.
Try trimming your toenails and wearing properly fitting footwear.
then again you could be buying your socks from a disreputable sinister cheapo oriental supplier, which have specially implanted wear areas; like you suggested.
my recomendation is that you buy only the best quality if able to do so. look your best and wear your best, you only have one body and it loves to be pampered, dont save your best things 'for later' enjoy them now. vest.

11/11/05 11:10 PM  
Anonymous Sara said...

Haha! I was googling "holes in my socks" - 'cause I didn't know if I said it right in English - and found this blog post. I have asked the same questions as you about this mysterious problem. I even drew a picture on the subject back in 2005. Look here!

It says: "If everything happens for a reason... Why do I always get holes in my socks?"


20/1/07 10:28 PM  

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