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What is there to say? I'm not very interesting. I'm not a good writer. I don't even dress well. If you insist on knowing something about me just wander through the archives. It's all there.

Monday, July 24, 2006

On business travel

I was recently imprisoned in a cramped metal container with no working air conditioning while the outside temperature neared one hundred degrees. I was assaulted by the overwhelming stench of poorly processed human wastes while my ears were subjects to a punishing barrage of high decibel white noise. My legs, back, and neck were tortured for hours into a variety of awkward angles and contortions. Throughout the entire experience, I was given the distinct impression that I was viewed by those in control as less than human; more like a faceless steer being moved through the chutes and channels of the abattoir to be brought, at last, to a final horrible destination.

On top of all that, three of my four flights were either delayed or cancelled.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On finding a note to myself

I was going through my dresser drawers this evening. I wanted to throw away some old, no longer wearable clothes so that I could finally put away that basket of clean laundry that had been staring at me in an accusatory manner for several days now.

I found the most interesting things. Strange items that had obviously sifted down through the clothing to the bottom of each drawer. There was a portable chess set, used maybe once. The instruction manual for a long defunct and discarded DVD player. A wallet that was still in its gift box from several Christmases ago. Three cheap watches that had all ceased operating. Some unidentifiable keys. Some buttons. Some business cards.

Among all this debris was a note in my distinctively awful script. It read,“Very important: don’t forget to call Don!”


I don’t usually write notes to myself. I have no memory of ever writing this note. Did I remember to call Don? Why was it so very important that I call him?
Who the hell is Don?

Finding things like this really scare me.