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Monday, May 16, 2005

On not using the word Venti when ordering at Starbucks

I usually order a large coffee at Starbucks. Note that I did not use their pseudo word, Venti. I refuse to use that foreign sounding faux descriptor. I know that there have been many others who have commented on Starbuck Speak. I’m also sure that there are copyright and trademark reasons why they made up a word to describe a quantity for their beverages. I still refuse to sound like I’m making fun of Italians when I order my coffee.

There has been a trend going on for some time now where food and beverage vendors feel the need to create new “sizes”. Small, medium, and large just don’t have any appeal for them. Those sizes have worked well for centuries, but fashions in quantification seemed to have moved on. We can’t just ask for something to be “larger”. We have to sound as though we are still three years old and “biggy-size” it.

I won’t even get started on using the term “super-size” as a verb.

But to be honest, I still enjoy Monty Python. I have to admit that I am saddened by the realization that I will probably never be able hear the speaker at the drive-up lane say, “Would you like that larger?” So that I can reply in a stiff British accent, “That’s rather a personal question, isn’t it?!?”


Blogger Berenjena said...

I once ordered a small drink at a fast-food place and the cashier told me, "We don't have small. We have medium, large, and extra-large." I was about to explain the ridiculousness of her statement when it struck me that her lack of debate prowess was probably why she worked fast-food.

My local coffee shop uses TALL and SHORT for drink sizes, which is probably why I've never ordered a Tall Henry (or a Short one, for that matter).

27/10/05 1:56 PM  

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