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Thursday, September 15, 2005

On losing my keys

I lost my car keys today. After spending about an hour looking for them, I finally found them lying on top of the washing machine. What possessed me to leave them on the washing machine is lost in one of the craterous cavities of my mind. I, of course, found them in the last place I would think to look. That statement has to be one of the most monumentally obvious observations of all times. It reminds me of all the unhelpful questions that people ask you when you lose something.

“Where did you leave them?”
“When did you last have it?”
“Where was the last place that you saw it?”
“Where haven’t you looked?”

Perhaps, I’m just dense but it seems to me that if I had even an inkling of an answer to any of these queries then my keys would not be lost. Since I have been known to snarl that sentiment to any potential helpers, I am usually left to search on my own.


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