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Thursday, October 13, 2005

On questions that occur to me just as I am falling asleep

If you die in your sleep, does your dream just end abruptly?

Why do different houses all make the same strange noises at night?

Why is it that the most comfortable sleeping position is never the one that you are in?

Why do sex dreams never end in marriage?

Why can’t I sleep while wearing socks?

Does your brain move to the right side of your skull when you sleep on your right side? If so, does it leave a big void on the left side?

Why do mattress lumps never hit you in a good spot?

When you wake up in morning, how can you be absolutely sure that you are the same person who fell asleep the night before?

If I dream in color, is the sound in stereo?

Why can’t I fall asleep while thinking a particular thought and then wake up right where I left off?

Could I be smarter in my dreams while asleep than while awake? If so, how can I tell?

How come I never remember the actual moment when I fell asleep?

Is it possible to hear yourself snoring?

What do my toes do while I'm sleeping?


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