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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

On coincidences

How strange life can be. About thirty seconds after posting “On tying knots” to this blog, I walked downstairs to turn off the television that someone had left on. There was a daytime rerun of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” playing. Just as I walked into the room they were revealing the question. It was, “Which knot is traditionally used to temporarily shorten a length of rope?” a) Sheepshank b) Bowline c) Clove Hitch d) Square Knot. I, of course, stood there and for several minutes yelled at the woman on the screen to pick a) Sheepshank which was the right answer. She got it wrong. I was so furious that she hadn’t listened to me.

What are the odds that right after a posting about an obscure subject, I would see that same obscure subject on the television? On a show, I have never watched? At a time, when I never even have the television turned on?

I am seriously considering posting a lengthy dissertation about winning the lottery.


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